LuLu Mocha leather moccs

Two portions of milk, one coffee and one chocolate, let’s do not forget love and warmth – that is exactly what LuLu Mocha all natural leather moccs are made of. LuLu Mocha – sandy grey color moccs with slightly sparkling silver color sole, which is a bit thicker for a better wearing experience. 

LuLu Mocha all natural leather handmade moccs are made for children up to 2 years old. Moccs sizes are selected from feet’s length in centimeters. Tip for best fit – select moccs size 0.5 cm smaller than actual feet length.

E.g. Child’s feet (from thumb to heel) is ~12.5 cm, best fit LuLu moccs should be 12 cm.

Please note:

If there are no notes next to your size selection – we have your moccs already made and they will be shipped out tomorrow for you. If you see a notice “Išankstinis užsakymas” (in English – “made to order”), that means once we receive your order we start making your LuLu moccs and in most of cases we ship them to you in 7-9 days. 

Sole lenght, cm (+-0,3):