LuLu Honey fur slippers rubber sole

Honey heals while LuLu Honey warms. Although, LuLu Honey also heals – these natural fur slippers are made out of bright yellow medical fur characterized with healing properties. Also can anyone argue that they look simply amazing?

LuLu fur slippers are made each two sizes from 36 to 47 (as in 36-37 and so on) according to European sizing standarts.

Notice regarding sizing:

Do not worry, if your ordered fur slippers seems a bit too small for you even though you selected your size. All natural fur and leather have this amazing capability to adjust, so it is completely normal to feel them a bit tight when putting them on for the first time. After a day or two your LuLu fur slippers will be adjusted to your feet size perfectly. Fur will contract a little taking all curves of your feet into consideration providing your practically individual LuLu’s comfort and warmth.