LuLu Snow fur moccs

Some say that one of the reasons why winter activities like making snowmen outdoors are so fun is that feeling once getting back home to warmth. Drinking that hot tea with blanket on and, yes you got that right, LuLu Snow on one’s feet. LuLu Snow the warmest all natural sheepskin fur moccs. 

LuLu Snow fur moccs are made for children up to school age. LuLu fur moccs sizes goes from smallest 14-15 size, to 34-35 sizes. Measure your children feet length and see sizing chart for a best fit.

We use all natural sheepskin fur is very soft and gentle, fitting and surrounding your little ones feet. These fur moccs will grow “a little” together with you children feet meaning more time for those wonderful and warm LuLu fur moccs wearing moments. 

Please note:

If there are no notes next to your size selection – we have your fur moccs already made and they will be shipped out tomorrow for you. If you see a notice “Išankstinis užsakymas” (in English – “made to order”), that means once we receive your order we start making your LuLu fur moccs and in most of cases we ship them to you in 7-9 days. 

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