LuLu Black leather moccs

Things for him for theatre: fake mustache, a top-hat, pocket watch and LuLu black moccs. Thins for her for theatre: black dress and… What we are trying to fool around here? Everything goes great with black. So all young gentlemen and little ladies will be real hip with LuLu Black.

LuLu Black all natural leather handmade moccs are made for children up to 2 years old. Moccs sizes are selected from feet’s length in centimeters. Tip for best fit – select moccs size 0.5 cm smaller than actual feet length.

E.g. Child’s feet (from thumb to heel) is ~12.5 cm, best fit LuLu moccs should be 12 cm.

Please note:

If there are no notes next to your size selection – we have your moccs already made and they will be shipped out tomorrow for you. If you see a notice “Išankstinis užsakymas” (in English – “made to order”), that means once we receive your order we start making your LuLu moccs and in most of cases we ship them to you in 7-9 days. 

Sole lenght, cm (+-0,3):